Damien Hirst at the Art Car Boot Fair.

If it’s good enough for Damien…

The London Art Car Boot Fair
Sunday 14 June 2015

Collecting contemporary art isn’t always the most accessible avenue. Fraught with expensive artworks and a myriad of editioned prints, digital and original works it can be hard to find a route in for a young aspiring collector who doesn’t have a huge pot of cash to spend.

Enter the suitably hip London Art Car Boot Fair. Now a fully fledged established event on the artistic calendar, it began in 2004 ‘to re-introduce some summer fun and frivolity into a thriving but increasingly commercial London art scene’.

So, on a whim, an artist friend and I headed down from Leicester to Brick Lane, London with itchy wallets ready to spend our hard-earned cash in some original works.

The concept isn’t far removed from a no-fills car booter really, but instead of hunting down some vintage bargains, Star Wars toys and diggin’ in the crates for vinyl we were hunting out some Peter Blake’s, Bob & Roberta Smith’s, Jake Chapman’s , Tracey Emin’s and Gavin Turk’s.

Bob and Roberta Smith at the Art Car Boot Fair.
Bob and Roberta Smith at the Art Car Boot Fair.

There’s a myriad of great stalls with a mix of items to buy from a few pounds to hundreds of them. A fiver into the event, it’s a good value day-out to have a good wonder with some live music and loads of great works for an aspiring art collector to pick-up on the stalls.

Gavin Turk at the Art Car Boot Fair.
Gavin Turk at the Art Car Boot Fair.

We splurged on the Gavin Turk stall which seemed apt, as his work is both ace, but also as he’s one of the original driving forces behind the concept.

As well as the illustrious line up of artists its very much a place to be seen if you’re into that kinda thing, with Julian Barratt, Noel Fielding spotted perusing and just ahead of us in the queue was Damien Hirst, so if it a car boots good enough for Damien, well its good enough for me!

The Art Car Boot Fair hosts regular events across the UK. The next one is on Sunday 30 August 2015 at the Turner Contemporary, Margate so looks like a great day to be beside the seaside. MM

Find out more: http://artcarbootfair.com


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